Auger Torque S4 450mm Tungsten Auger

$855.80 inc GST

Suitable for

  • Mini Excavators 1 – 5 T, Mini Loaders
  • Skidsteer Loaders Up To 80hp
  • Truck Cranes Up To 9 T / Metre


  • 450mm Tungsten Auger
  • 6mm Flight Thickness
  • 1.2m overall length
  • Standard Hub Option 65mm Round. Other hub options available on request


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The S4 Range of Augers has been specifically designed for Mini Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders & Excavators up to 5T. S4 Range Augers are available with a number of wearpart combinations, catering from soft grounds all the way to mixed rocky grounds and even permafrost.

All Auger Torque Augers are built from high grade steel and incorporate many features that will allow you to work more efficiently and will make your job easier. Shallow pitch flights ensure they will cut with maximum efficiency and, most importantly keep the spoil on the flights when removed from the hole.

Heavy duty tubes, constant spiral cut as well Auger Torques unique Shock Lock? Tooth Locking System, which will guarantee that you will never lose your auger teeth when reversing your auger, have given Auger Torque Augers their industry leading reputation.

Best used in dry, hard or medium ground conditions where floating rocks may be encountered. The perfect all-rounder if you are not sure about what you might encounter

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